An Introduction


Alan and Joy Horne

Alan was born in Scotland, trained in the ministry, former principal of Seabrook Christian School campuses in Tasmania, leads the Ulverstone church and is passionate about leading people into Godly, successful living.

Alan, with his wife Joy are parents, and grandparents to a large family with two having entered into Christian Ministry as well..

Gray and Leslie Hodge

English and Tasmanian (respectively) born, and live in Somerset. Gray is a local businessman of over 35 years and Leslie is a retired teacher in Christian schooling.

Gray leads the music and singing.

The church has been and still is involved in overseas ministry, providing financial support and at times sending Australian preachers.

Together we all look forward to a new year and continuing weekly Bible studies and planning meetings with visiting speakers throughout the year.

Apart from overseas ministries, we also support various Creation Ministry groups around Australia and are adding to our lending library of Creation based books and DVDs.